Diablo 4 Barbarian Guide

Diablo IV Barbarian Class Overview: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to wreak havoc on your enemies as a Barbarian in Diablo IV? This class archetype specializes in melee, close-quarters combat and utilizes Fury as their resource. In this guide, we will provide a deep dive into the Barbarian gameplay, unique class mechanics, primary stats, all available skills, upgrades, and passives.


  • Class Archetype: Melee, Close-Quarters Combat
  • Class Resource: Fury
  • Damage Types: Physical
  • Class Skill Groups: Basic, Core, Defensive, Brawling, Weapon Mastery, Ultimate
  • Class Skill Examples: Whirlwind, Leap, Charge, War Cry, Hammer of the Ancients
  • Unique Class Mechanic: Arsenal System: Equip four different weapons at once!
  • Usable Weapons and Armor: One-/Two-Handed Slashing Weapons, One-/Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons

Barbarian Abilities in Diablo 4

Barbarians in Diablo 4 have access to multiple skill groups that categorize certain skills by attributes like damage type or class theme. Here are a few examples of Barbarian skills:


  • Generate Fury: 9
  • Physical Damage
  • Requires Slashing Weapon
  • Flay the enemy, dealing 5% damage. Inflicts 38% Bleeding damage over 5 seconds.

Flay Upgrades

Enhanced Flay: When Flay deals direct damage to an enemy, they take x10% increased Bleeding damage for the next 3 seconds.

Combat Flay: When Flay deals direct damage, you gain 1% damage reduction and 4 Thorns for 3 seconds. This stacks up to 5 times.

Battle Flay: When Flay deals direct damage, you gain 1% increased damage and 5% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds. This stacks up to 5 times.

Double Swing:

  • Fury Cost: 25
  • Physical Damage
  • Requires Dual Wielded Weapons
  • Sweep your weapons from opposite directions, dealing 38% damage with each weapon. Enemies caught in the center are damaged by both.

Double Swing Upgrades

Enhanced Double Swing: If Double Swing damages a Stunned or Knocked Down enemy, gain 25 Fury.

Violent Double Swing: Hitting an enemy with both hits of Double Swing makes them Vulnerable for 1 second.

Furious Double Swing: Increases Fury generated by Double Swing by 25%.

Call of the Ancients Cooldown: 50.0 seconds

  • Physical Damage Call upon 3 Ancients to aid you in battle for 6 seconds.
  • Korlic leaps at enemies, dealing 80% damage and swings his weapons in a frenzy, dealing 30% damage per hit.
  • Talic spins in a whirlwind rapidly attacking enemies for 50% damage.
  • Madawc upheaves the ground, dealing 150% damage.

Call of the Ancients Upgrades

  • Prime Call of the Ancients: While Call of the Ancients is active, gain +10% bonus Attack Speed and x10% increased damage.
  • Supreme Call of the Ancients: Each of the Ancients gains additional power:
    • Korlic: You gain 10 Fury each time Korlic damages an enemy with Frenzy.
    • Talic: Enemies are Slowed by 50% for 1 second when damaged by his Whirlwind.
    • Madawc: 30% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds when using his Upheaval.

Barbarian Dismount Ability and Unique Class Mechanic in Diablo IV

In Diablo IV, each class has a unique Dismount Ability that can be activated by the player. Barbarians have a Dismount Ability that allows them to leap from their mount and slam the ground. If a player is hit by an enemy, they will be dismounted automatically and will not be able to activate their Dismount Ability.

The Barbarian also has a Unique Class Mechanic called the Arsenal System. This system allows Barbarians to use four different weapons simultaneously, which enables them to fully utilize their skill toolkit based on different weapon requirements. The four weapon slots are Two-Hand Bludgeoning Weapon, Two-Hand Slashing Weapon, Main Hand, and Off-Hand. Depending on the requirement, the Barbarian will use the correct weapon for a particular skill.

The Arsenal System also includes Expertise, which grants bonus effects based on the player’s experience with each weapon type. While the Technique slot is attached to this system, it was not available during the Preview build of the game.

Barbarian Gearing and Primary Stats in Diablo IV

In Diablo IV, characters can equip a total of 10 items in specific item slots such as Head, Torso, Hands, Legs, Feet, Neck, Ring 1, Ring 2, Main Hand, and Off-Hand. However, Barbarians can equip a total of 12 items due to the extra item slots granted through the Arsenal System class mechanic, namely the 2-Hand Bludgeoning Weapon and 2-Hand Slashing Weapon.

In addition to the gearing system, Diablo IV also includes a Primary Stats system, which provides a way to further customize the character. The primary effects of each primary stat differ depending on the class. For the Barbarian, primary stats grant the following effects:

  • Strength: Increases Skill Damage by xX.X% (1 Strength = 0.1% Skill Damage). Increases Armor by +X (1 Strength = 1 Armor).
  • Intelligence: No effect. Increases All Resistances by +X.XX% (1 Intelligence = 0.05% All Resist).
  • Willpower: Increases Resource Generation by xX.X% (1 Willpower = 0.1% Resource Generation). Increases Overpower Damage by +X.XX% (1 Willpower = 0.25% Overpower Damage). Improves Healing Received by +X.XX% (1 Willpower = 0.1% Healing Received).
  • Dexterity: Increases Critical Strike Chance by +X.XX% (1 Dexterity = 0.02% Critical Strike Chance). Improves Chance to Dodge attacks by +X.XX% (1 Dexterity = 0.025% Chance to Dodge).

Overall, understanding the Barbarian class’s abilities, unique class mechanics, gearing, and primary stats is crucial for a successful playthrough in Diablo IV.

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