Diablo 4 Database: All Aspects In Codex Of Power

In Diablo 4 the Codex of Power is a tab in the Collections Menu that shows 144 Unlockable Aspects. Aspects are split into 5 categories, Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. These Aspects are the same as the random Legendary Affixes that can be found on looted gear, providing significant stat boosts to their character.

There is one major difference when comparing Legendary Affixes with Codex of Power Aspects: the values on Legendary Affixes can sometimes be more powerful than Aspects within the Codex of Power. Aspects in the Codex of Power will always have the minimum values. Players should keep this in mind when choosing the best gear for their class.

How To Unlock Codex Of Power Aspects

Players can unlock Aspects for the Codex of Power by completing various challenges within the game. Most Aspects are unlocked by either finishing sections of the campaign or by completing dungeons. Each Aspect shows where they can be unlocked by looking at the bottom of the tooltip.

Players will want to focus on unlocking the Aspects that affect their skills first, as these can greatly improve their character’s performance. In order to use the Aspects players need to first imprint them on their gear.

All Aspects In The Codex Of Power

Below is a searchable and sortable table that shows every Aspect that can be unlocked in the Codex of Power.

Imprinting Codex Of Power Aspects

Players can imprint the Codex of Power Aspects on their gear at the Occultist from the Imprint Aspect tab. This feature will add an Affix to the item or replace any existing affixes.

Right-Click or Drag the Item from your inventory to the Top slot where it says Item, select the Codex of Power to bring up a menu that you can choose from your unlocked Aspects. A preview of the new item will be shown at the bottom you can hover over it to see the stats. Finally, there is a small fee for imprinting aspects and when you are done click accept.

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