Diablo 4 Database: All Legendary Affixes

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Legendary Affixes in Diablo 4 are powerful enhancements that can be found on any legendary item. Unlike regular affixes, which provide a simple boost to a particular stat, these affixes are highly sought after by players as they can significantly boost the power and versatility of their character. Some Legendary Affixes are so powerful that they can dramatically alter the way a particular skill or ability functions, providing new opportunities for gameplay and combat strategies.

Obtaining a legendary item with the perfect affix can greatly enhance a player’s ability to tackle tough challenges and enemies. In addition, players that aren’t able to obtain Legendary Affixes from loot are still able to imprint specific affixes in the Codex of Power. Players can unlock Affixes in the Codex of Power menu in the Collections tab <Y>. In contrast to Legendary Affixes on loot, affixes from the Codex of Power will always have the lowest stat from the available range of values possible.

Types of Legendary Affixes in Diablo 4

There are 5 types of Legendary Affixes: Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. The Affix Type determines which item slot the affix can appear on and which piece of gear it can be imprinted on. Furthermore, some Legendary Affixes, while they can be found or unlocked by all classes, (Rogue, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Druid, and Necromancer) only affect specific class skills, restricting their use for other classes.

All Diablo 4 Legendary Affixes

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Extracting and Imprinting Legendary Affixes

Players can extract legendary affixes from their gear at the Occultist from the Extract Aspect tab. Extracting the Affix creates a new item, known as an Aspect, and places it in the Aspects tab in the player’s Inventory. Extracting Aspects destroys the original item.

These Aspects can then be applied to any gear via the Imprint Aspect tab, also at the Occultist. Gear that has had an Aspect Imprinted on them cannot be extracted.

Legendary affixes found on loot will often have a range of possible values that will increase a particular skill or stat.

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