Diablo 4 Database: Aspect of the Unwavering Codex

Taking direct damage has a 5% chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills.

How To Get The Aspect of the Unwavering Codex

The Aspect of the Unwavering Codex can be unlocked by completing the dungeon Putrid Aquifer Located in the region Kehjistan.

How To Use The Aspect of the Unwavering Codex

imprint aspect banner The Aspect of the Unwavering Codex can be used by the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4. Once you have obtained this codex the first time, you will be able to apply it onto any of the available item slots whenever you’d like, as long as your are on a character of the Sorcerer class. Simply go to the Occultist in town to imprint the aspect onto the item.

where to use codex of power aspect

When you are at the Occultist, select the item you want to imprint the codex onto, and under the “Codex of Power” section, choose Aspect of the Unwavering. You will then have to pay a small gold fee and some materials

Important Note on Using Codex of Power

When using any codex to imprint a “Legendary Affix” onto an item, the effect quality is always the lowest possible number for that affix. However, if you recieve a legendary item as a drop, it may have a chance to roll a higher value than the Codex of Power version.

To see the possible ranges of values that can be found on the Aspect of the Unwavering Codex take a look at the Legendary Affix “Of the Unwavering” to see the page dedicated to the legendary aspect itself.

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