Diablo 4 Rogue Guide

The Walkthrugaming Complete Diablo IV Rogue Class Guide highlights the present condition of the Rogue in Diablo IV.

Diablo 4 Rogue Overview

This comprehensive guide encompasses everything essential about the Rogue, featuring an in-depth analysis of class gameplay, exclusive class mechanisms, main attributes, a complete list of skills, upgrades, and passive abilities.

Rogue Stats

Looking for a versatile class that excels in both melee and ranged combat, and has the ability to immobilize or subdue enemies with traps? Look no further than the Rogue! This class offers a unique hybrid playstyle, combining the best of Diablo 2’s Amazon and Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter.

As for resources, the Rogue relies on Energy, which is generated by using skills, and Combo Points, which can be spent on certain abilities. In addition, players can choose from three specializations, although it’s currently unknown if they can switch between them or have all three active simultaneously.

To make the most of the Rogue’s skills, players can build up Combo Points by using basic abilities and spend them on Core Skills to unleash additional effects. And for particularly tough battles, Inner Sight can help players generate unlimited energy by attacking marked enemies, while Preparation becomes available at level 30.

Core Stats for all Classes

Core StatBonus for All Classes
Strength+1 Armor per point
Intelligence+0.05% All Resistance per point
Willpower+0.1% Healing Received and +0.25% Overpower Damage per point
Dexterity+0.025% Dodge Chance per point

Rogue Specific

StatEffectRogue Bonus
DexterityIncreases damage and improves dodge probabilityx0.1% Skill Damage per point of Dexterity
StrengthImproves energy recoveryx0.1% Resource Generation per point of Strength
IntelligenceIncreases critical chancex0.02% Critical Strike Chance per point of Intelligence

Versatility: Rogues are highly versatile, capable of fighting with melee or ranged weapons, and using traps to deal different types of damage. This makes them highly customizable to suit different play styles.
High Damage Output: Rogues excel at dealing high amounts of damage. Their Core Skills hit hard, and passives can further boost their damage potential.
Nimbleness: Rogues are the most agile class among the five available. Their nimbleness allows them to move around the battlefield with ease and avoid enemy attacks.
Squishy: Rogues can go melee, but they are fragile. Players should always plan an escape route beforehand, as trapped Rogues are usually dead Rogues.
Conditional Effects: Some Rogue skills rely on specific conditions, such as connecting properly or using crowd control abilities. If not used correctly, these skills can limit maneuverability during combat, significantly reducing options.
Positioning: This is especially true for ranged builds. Many Rogue skills require players to be aware of their surroundings and maximize their effect by positioning themselves correctly. As a result, players need to be mindful of their positioning at all times.

Rogue Class Specialization

Diablo 4 introduces a unique mechanic for each class that sets it apart from others. The Rogue’s Specialization system offers players the ability to choose from three passive bonuses that enhance their playstyle. One of the standout features of this system is the ability to swap it out at any time, including in the middle of combat.

Unlocking the Class Specialization

At level 15, players can access the Rogue’s Specialization system by completing the “True Potential” questline, exclusive to the Rogue class. This questline acquaints players with the Rogue’s unique abilities and playstyle, and concludes with a demanding encounter that puts their skills to the test.

Changing Your Specialization

The Rogue’s Specialization system provides players with the option to switch their passive bonuses at any time, even in the heat of combat. This flexibility enables players to adapt to different situations and enemies seamlessly. However, switching Specializations is not free as there is a cooldown each time a player decides to change it.

Core Skill1 Combo Point2 Combo Points3 Combo Points
Barrage+20% Damage+40% Damage+60% Damage
+6 Arrows fired+7 Arrows fired+8 Arrows fired
Rapid Fire+13% Damage+26% Damage+39% Damage
+6 Arrows fired+6 Arrows fired+6 Arrows fired
Penetrating Shot+30% Damage+60% Damage+90% Damage
+10% Knockdown chance+20% Knockdown chance+30% Knockdown chance
Flurry+30% Attack Speed+30% Attack Speed+30% Attack Speed
+25% Damage+50% Damage+75% Damage
+1.5 Second Bonus+3 Second Bonus+4.5 Second Bonus
Twisting Blades+30% Damage+60% Damage+90% Damage
+20% Movement Speed+40% Movement Speed+60% Movement Speed

Diablo 4’s Combo Points: Overview and How They Work for Rogues

In Diablo 4, Basic Skills generate Combo Points that can enhance any Core Skill, making it more powerful and destructive. This mechanic is especially helpful in the early game when Energy recovery options are limited, and Basic Skills are crucial in attacks. By combining Basic and Core Skills, players can accumulate up to three Combo Points, which can be used to unleash a more potent Core Skill at no extra cost. This article delves into the Combo Point system and how it can augment the Rogue’s abilities.

How Combo Points Work:

Combo Points are generated by using Basic Skills. Each Basic Skill adds one Combo Point per use, up to a maximum of three Combo Points. When three Combo Points are accumulated, players can unleash a Core Skill that inflicts additional damage and has extra effects.

Diablo 4’s Inner Sight for Rogues: Overview and How it Works

Inner Sight is a unique specialization that unlocks at level 20 for Rogue players in Diablo 4. This ability allows players to mark a random enemy within a group, and by hitting the marked enemy, the Inner Sight gauge next to the Energy bar is filled. The gauge fills up faster with stronger hits, making it more beneficial for powerful characters. Once the gauge is full, players gain unlimited Energy for four seconds, regardless of how little they had before.

This specialization is especially useful in two scenarios: when players hit most of a pull with their abilities at all times, such as with Penetrating Shot or Flurry, or when players can easily target and hit the right enemy in a pull at will, such as with Twisting Blades or Shadow Step. In regular gameplay, players can expect a proc every 10-20 seconds of combat, depending on their clear speed. Against bosses, the proc rate increases if the player’s damage output is high.

Overall, Inner Sight is a beneficial specialization for the Rogue class, providing unlimited energy for a short time in combat situations. Players can tailor their playstyle to make the most of this unique mechanic.

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