Dry Steppes Zone Guide – Diablo 4

Dry Steppes Zone Guide

Dry Steppes Description

Diablo 4 features five unique regions, each with its own environment, theme, and variety of enemies. One of these regions is Dry Steppes, a harsh and unforgiving desert landscape.

The Dry Steppes, a desert wasteland situated in the Sanctuary, is home to barbarians, mercenaries, and cannibalistic blood mages. This region is located south of Scosglen, west of the Fractured Peaks, and north of Kehjistan. The Dry Steppes boasts several major terrain features, including desolate grasslands, deep canyons, and salt flats.

In addition to its unique inhabitants and landscape, the Dry Steppes is home to several notable locations. The Ruins of Qara-Yisu, a vast expanse of ruins filled with ancient artifacts and secrets, can be found here. Another notable location is the Orbei Monastery, a former bastion of peace and learning now overrun by the barbarian horde. With its distinctive setting and challenging enemies, the Dry Steppes promises to be a memorable destination for adventurers in Diablo 4.

Zone Lore

“In the Dry Steppes, lives are worth less than water. Rugged barbarians, ruthless mercenaries, and cannibalistic blood mages fight for survival in the harsh and unforgiving salt flats that only the most hardy—or desperate—call home.”

Points of Interest

  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu
  • Orbei Monastery


Dry Steppes Dungeons

Local Events


Dry Steppes Bosses

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