Hawezar Zone Guide – Diablo 4

Hawezar Zone guide

Hawezar Description

Hawezar, one of the five distinct regions in Diablo 4, is a treacherous and infected swamp. Alongside Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes, Scosglen, and Kehjistan, it offers a unique experience with its own environment and theme. Each region in Diablo 4 has a distinctive feel, providing players with diverse gameplay experiences.

The marshlands of Hawezar are teeming with predators and pestilence, making it an ideal refuge for criminals and other shady characters looking to evade the watchful eye of civilized society. Within this region lies a mysterious cult of witches who worship serpent deities and wield the power of black magic. Their dark presence adds a foreboding and dangerous element to an already treacherous landscape in Diablo 4.

Zone Lore

“Hawezar is so deadly, the fauna is ravenous for your flesh, the floor is poisonous. This is a place of madness, of black Magic. Who can tell how much of what you see is real, or just some kind of fever dream? Those that come to Hawezar, they do so to be forgotten, to be lost. They are cutthroats, thieves, assassins, murderers that want to do their dark trades far out of the reach of the forces of like law and order, or groups like the Zakarum who might be able to put a stop to this.”

Points of Interest

  • Witchwater


Hawezar Dungeons

Local Events


Hawezar Bosses

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