How To Recycle Items in Lost Ark

how to recycle lost ark

Introduction to Recycling

Recycling Gear is a key mechanic within Lost Ark that you will definitely find yourself doing. To Recycle Gear is to take the upgrades you have used on one item, and transfer it to another. You will spend a lot of time in Lost Ark running Chaos DungeonsGuardian Raids, and more, collecting precious Harmony ShardsHarmony Leap StonesDestruction Stone Fragments, and Guardian Stone Fragments, all to help upgrade your gear.

Ok, that’s a lot of guide links in that first paragraph, can you tell we are bonkers about Lost Ark? There is so much to know about this complex, beautiful game, so let’s keep it moving.

What Does Recycling Gear Do in Lost Ark?

Let’s start with a quick recap of what Item Upgrading does. If you haven’t read our Item Upgrade Guide yet, make sure you head over there first to fully understand recycling. If you’ve already read it, skip ahead to “How To Recycle Gear in Lost Ark”.

When you upgrade items, you will increase the item’s Item Level score as well as its strength. This table below shows just how much a weapon, for example, will increase in power for each level.

Item LevelWeapon Enhancement LevelBase Success ChanceGold Cost (Per Attempt)Weapon AttackIncremental Weapon Attack Gain %
540 +1270%1031927.26%
600 +1540%1038405.96%
650 +1720%1543806.57%
675 +1815%2046506.16%
700 +1910%2049205.81%

As you can see, when you upgrade an item, it will then become +1. Each upgrade level adds another “+” to the item. Typically, you will want to get to +15 on all of your gear. In Season 1 (Tier 1), you will start by acquiring Blue Item Level 302 gear, and upgrading it all the way to +15 to get to Item Level 600 as you gather enough materials to do so.

Recycling gear allows you to now transfer that +15 (or any other upgraded number, such as +8) to another items of the same slot. So if you brought a set of blue (rare) gloves to +8, but now you just had a purple set (epic) drop, you probably want to upgrade the epic gloves instead.

You can now go to the Item Upgrade NPC and recycle your old blue +8 gloves, which will consume and destroy those gloves, and put the +8 level onto your new epic purple gloves. All it will cost is some silver!

This is the best way to make sure you are always comfortable upgrading your equipment. Many other games have players worried that if they upgrade their armor or weapon and spend all these materials on it, the next day they might get a better weapon and have to do it all over again. Luckily Lost Ark has Recycling Gear, where you can easily upgrade what you have, then transfer that upgrade level to the new item with ease.

How To Recycle Gear in Lost Ark

Step 1: Find The Item Upgrade NPC

Item Upgrade NPC lost ark
Item Upgrade NPC

The item upgrade NPC will show a Hammer Symbol on your map. These will be in most main cities. Find this NPC and go to him, and talk to him.

Step 2: Click “Recycling”

Recycle Gear lost ark
Recycle Gear

When you first talk to the NPC, it will default to the item upgrade UI. Navigate to the “Recycling” UI by clicking the box at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Select Item For Upgrading

Choose Item to Upgrade lost ark
Choose Item to Upgrade

Now you should select the item that you want to upgrade the level of. The picture above shows the left side of the screen, where you would select the item. The picture below shows you can example of a comparison of two different items of the same slot.

Compare Quality Grade on Items lost ark
Compare Quality Grade on Items

In this example above, we have a headpiece +12, but it’s quality grade is only 30. The new headpiece we received has a quality grade of 67. Usually it is not worth upgrading armor based on quality grade alone, but rather to wait for a rarity upgrade like from rare to legendary.

For this guide we use this as an example. So let’s say you want to move the +12 from the 30 quality hood to put it on the 67 quality hood. When selecting from the left side of the screen, choose the 67 quality hood because that is the one you want to upgrade.

Step 4: Select Item to Transfer

Once you have selected the item you want to upgrade, the right side of the screen will show you all items that you are able to use to transfer an upgrade level. This step will only show you items you can actually recycle. If you have chosen a headpiece to upgrade, this section will only show you headpieces that are at least +1 or above.

Choose Input Item To Recycle lost ark
Choose Input Item To Recycle

Go ahead and select the one with the highest + upgrade level that you want to transfer to the new item.

Step 5: Review Recycle and Cost

Review Recycle Cost lost ark
Review Recycle Cost and Approve

Now that you have chosen the upgrade material, and the input material, review the cost of the upgrade and make sure you are willing to pay it. Also, remember that the equipment on the right side (input equipment with the +) will be destroyed after you click recycle!

Step 6: Equip The New Gear

Final step, make sure you go into your inventory and equip your newly upgraded item. The one you used as input material might have been equipped, and therefore that slot is now empty. This last step is very important. Make sure you equip the new item, don’t forget and then accidently dismantle it!!

Newly Upgraded Item After Recycle lost ark
Newly Upgraded Item After Recycle

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