Kehjistan Zone Guide – Diablo 4

Kehjistan Zone Guide

Kehjistan Description

Kehjistan, the desert region that encompasses Alcarnus and Caldeum, is in peril as a group of cultists quickly gain power and influence. Pillaging the ruins of the desert, they aim to restore the Prime Evils to their former glory, using their newfound power to further their ultimate goal. As they tighten their grip on Kehjistan, the region becomes a battleground for those seeking to prevent the cultists from achieving their nefarious objectives in Diablo 4.

Zone Lore

“Countless wars and demonic invasions have left what was once a bastion of civilization in ruins, though evil still stirs beneath the desert sands. The people who live here used to enjoy opulence and luxuries; now they face fear and paranoia, as cultists work in the shadows to unearth ancient evils…”

Points of Interest


Hawezar Dungeons

Local Events


Hawezar Bosses

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