Long Dark Players Discuss Wolf Attacks

Long Dark Wolf Attack

In “The Long Dark,” a survival game known for its harsh and unforgiving wilderness, players must contend not only with the harsh elements but also the ever-present threat of wildlife. Among the most dangerous and cunning adversaries are wolves, which can make even a seasoned survivor’s heart race with fear. Recently, a Reddit thread sparked a discussion among players regarding the perplexing behavior of wolves stalking them, even when they seemingly have no scent. Let’s delve into the thread and explore the insights shared by the Long Dark community.

The Reddit Thread and Initial Observations

The original post, made by u/AmexBusiness, described the frustration of playing on “Stalker” difficulty while being continuously followed by wolves. This player was perplexed because they claimed to have zero scent but noticed that wolves still stalked them. The scenario described by the player was particularly intriguing, as one wolf seemed disinterested while another aggressively pursued them.

The Scent Mechanic and Cooked Meat

Several users responded to the initial post, offering valuable insights into the game’s scent mechanic and its relation to cooked meat. u/BlakeMW pointed out that even though the player claimed to have zero scent, carrying cooked meat, such as venison, can still attract wolves. They explained that the scent-o-meter might not display any scent, but the wolves can still detect it. This observation was confirmed by u/Zaknafein2003, who highlighted that carrying even one piece of cooked venison would leave a scent trail, leading to the wolf’s pursuit.

The Realism of The Long Dark

The Long Dark is praised for its realistic survival mechanics, and the inclusion of scent mechanics adds an extra layer of challenge and immersion. Players like u/Ghostu24 and u/BlakeMW expressed their appreciation for this level of realism, even though it can lead to some intense and nerve-wracking gameplay moments. The fact that players could be stalked by wolves with incredible precision, especially in harsh difficulty levels like “Stalker,” fascinated the community.

Confusion and Discovery of the Scent Mechanic

The scent mechanic in The Long Dark has been a source of confusion for some players, as u/Qossuth mentioned. Even carrying just one piece of cooked meat can make the player extremely smelly, but the game’s display might not accurately reflect this. Some players, like u/Ethereal-Throne and u/Electric__Milk, further emphasized that dropping any item marked as “bait” would release a scent, regardless of what the scent meter indicates. The higher the game’s difficulty, the more sensitive animals become to scent, adding an additional challenge for players on the “Stalker” difficulty.

Wind and Stalker Wolves

A couple of users, including u/Typical_TLD_Player and u/sebjapon, discussed how wind could also play a role in attracting wolves. Wind direction could carry the player’s scent towards the wolves, leading them to investigate and potentially stalk the player. Additionally, u/sebjapon suggested that having one wolf stalk at a safe distance could make it possible to navigate through a dense pack of wolves strategically.

Tactical Insights and Custom Difficulty

Tactical insights were also shared in the thread. u/BlakeMW clarified that while multiple wolves might follow the scent simultaneously, only one wolf at a time actively stalks the player. This means that players must be cautious about their movements, as they could inadvertently trigger multiple wolves to become aggressive. Some players, like u/jmclean02 and u/SkunkApe425, opted to play on custom difficulty settings, which allowed them to find a balance between the challenging “Stalker” and the ultra-difficult “Interloper” difficulties.


In “The Long Dark,” wolves are relentless predators, always on the hunt for their next meal. The game’s scent mechanic, although sometimes confusing, adds a layer of realism and challenge that truly immerses players in the harsh survival experience. As the Reddit thread demonstrated, Long Dark players are passionate about the game and eagerly share their experiences, knowledge, and tactical insights with one another. Understanding the intricacies of the scent mechanic and employing tactical strategies can mean the difference between survival and becoming wolf prey. So, the next time you find yourself being stalked by a wolf in the desolate wilderness, remember the advice shared by the Long Dark community, and may you outwit and outlast the cunning predators that roam the frozen lands. Happy surviving!

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