Making Gold in Lost Ark

There are many ways to make gold in Lost Ark, ranging from daily activities, to weekly activities, and one-time gold rewards for quests or reputation. Here we take you through all the main ways for how to make gold in Lost Ark on a normal basis.

It is also wise to have alt characters other than just your main character. Having more than one character means you can do many of these activities multiple times and be less tied down to daily or weekly activities, if you play enough to go through all of the activities and have to wait for a reset.

Daily Gold Making

ActivityGold SourceExplanation
Adventure IslandIslandsYou can obtain various amount of gold daily depending on the item level.
In-Game Cash ShopCrystalsUse real-life cash to purchase crystals and sell for gold on the auction house.
Chaos DungeonsBonus RoomsSometimes you can get into a bonus room by going through a red or gold portal. Red portals will give more gold.
Chaos GateSecret MapsSecret Maps can give gold and you can also sell runs for the maps.
Guardian RaidDropsGuardian Raids offer great loot, and you can sell the loot you don’t need on the auction house.
Life Skills / Trade SkillsMaterials / Crafted ItemsYou can sell raw materials gained through the life skills, or you can use the materials to craft in your Stronghold and sell the items you craft. Profitability will depend on your server for which method is better.
MerchantsExchangeItems you can buy limited of from merchants are sometimes profitable to purchase and resell on the auction house.

Weekly Gold Making

Running Abyss Raids and Abyss Dungeons for your weekly lockouts once available, will be a good weekly activity to complete. In additional to these tasks, there are also Una daily and weekly quests available.

Una quests will award varying amounts of tokens which you can then trade in for gold boxes at the Gold Shop NPC. The Gold Shop NPC will be located in each major city, so search your map and head there if you have enough tokens.

Daily Una tasks will reward 2 Una points per quest, and Weekly Una tasks will reward 12 Una points per quest.

There are 3 types of gold you can exchange for, a pouch, chest, or casket. Each type rewards a different amount of gold

  • 80 Una Pieces = Gold Pouch: 200+ Gold
  • 200 Una Pieces = Gold Chest: 600+ Gold
  • 500 Una Pieces = Gold Casket: 1,250+ Gold

The Gold Pouch and the Gold Chest both have a chance to also reward a light gold plate or a heavy gold plate, which are worth 100 gold and 1000 gold, respectively.

The Gold Casket has a chance for both of those plates, plus a chance for a Gold Bar which will reward 10,000 gold.

One-Time Gold Sources

There are many one-time gold sources available in Lost Ark. There are so many in fact that we aren’t going to list every quest that gives you gold. Here are some of the major categories you can explore to take advantage of the gold coin rewards:

  • Rapport – Increasing Rapport with any NPCs will eventually grant you a one-time significant gold reward ranging from 200 gold to 2,700. There is a total of 23,800 gold available from Rapport NPCs if you do all of them.
  • Guardian Quests – Each Guardian quest and Guardian Raid will grant you gold rewards the first time you complete them. Read more about Guardian Raids here.
  • Guide Quests – The purple quests you get while leveling that show you tutorials of the game also have chances to provide gold rewards.