Chaos Dungeon Guide – Lost Ark

In this Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Guide, we cover everything you should know about Chaos Dungeons including when you can go to them, how often you can go, and what kind of loot you can expect.

Chaos Dungeons are one of the very first activities you will want to start once you hit level 50 for the first time with each character. These dungeons offer great rewards although they are tougher in difficulty than normal dungeons. When you are looking to increase ilvl of your gear in Lost Ark, Chaos Dungeons are the number one method after hitting level 50.

When Can I Go To The Chaos Dungeon?

You can enter the Chaos Dungeon as soon as you hit level 50. You will need to be iLvl 250+ before taking on the first level of Chaos Dungeon Vern. This is easily attainable from rare, blue equipment.

Chaos Dungeon Min iLvl 250
Chaos Dungeon Min iLvl 250

Make sure you are all set up with the gear you want to use, the potions and battle items you will bring, and the Tripod skills you are going to want to use within the dungeon before signing up!

It should be noted that you can skip the first Chaos Dungeon Vern Level 1 if you first complete the World Quest Line as soon as you hit level 50. This quest line will give you a full set of 302 Rare Tier 1 gear, which is equivalent to what you will get from running the first level of the Chaos Dungeon enough times to get all your pieces.

How Often Can You Do Chaos Dungeons?

Chaos Dungeons can be ran twice per day. This should be part of your daily routine if you want to make sure you are upgrading your iLvl. Each time you run a Chaos Dungeon, it uses up 50 energy. If you fail the challenge, you will not get the 50 energy back. Each day, you will gain 100 energy. Therefore, you can do 2 Chaos Dungeons per day (100/50).

If you miss out and do not run your Chaos Dungeons for the day, each 50 unused energy will be converted to 10 “Resting Bonus”. So if you do not run either of your Chaos Dungeons for a day, you will end up with 20 Resting Bonus.

You can then apply 20 resting bonus on future Chaos Dungeon runs. Applying the resting bonus to a run will increase the rewards you get from a successful attempt.

You can go to the Chaos Dungeon after you have used up your energy, but your rewards will be different and you will not longer receive Harmony / Item EXP Shards.

Where To Sign Up for Chaos Dungeon

There are two ways you can sign up to get into a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark.

chaos dungeon lost ark
Chaos Dungeon Symbol
  1. You can sign up for the Chaos Dungeon at the Chaos Dungeon Statue in town that has this icon on the map:

2. You can look for a group for group content from Anywhere in Lost Ark. You do not need to be at the NPC to start looking for a group for a Chaos Dungeon. The top-right portion of your screen will have a Party Finder icon. You can click this, select Chaos Dungeons, and sign up here, from anywhere!

Chaos Dungeons Explained

When the Chaos Dungeon begins, you will start at the arena. A timer will appear in the top left of your screen, and as soon as you begin moving, the timer will start. Once you begin, you will notice more enemies in one place than you probably have ever seen before. Cut these enemies down before the timer runs out by reaching 100% completion.

Once you have killed enough enemies within the time limit to reach 100% completion, you can jump up to the next stage as the dungeon gets more and more difficult. Each time you jump to a new stage, the timer will reset and start again when you begin moving.

Chaos Dungeon Loot and Levels

There are currently 8 levels of Chaos Dungeons available to players in Lost Ark. 4 levels are in North Vern, and 4 levels are in Rohendel. Each has its own minimum requirement, along with the basic requirement of being level 50. You will want to work through these one by one as you are increasing your item level from each level.

  • iLvl 250+ – North Vern Resonance Level 1
  • iLvl 340+ – North Vern Resonance Level 2
  • iLvl 380+ North Vern Resonance Level 3
  • iLvl 420+ North Vern Resonance Level 4
  • iLVl 460+ Rohendel’s Illusion Level 1
  • iLvl 500+ Rohendel’s Illusion Level 2
  • iLvl 540+ Rohendel’s Illusion Level 3
  • iLvl 580+ Rohendel’s Illusion Level 4

Each level of Chaos Dungeon should give you some upgraded gear, but you will not get high enough iLvl gear to unlock the next level by doing Chaos Dungeons alone. For example, by getting all of your Rare Tier 1 set from Chaos Dungeon Vern Level 1, your new iLvl would be 302. Since you need iLvl 340+ to get into the level 2 dungeon, you will need to upgrade your equipment by approximately +2 per piece overall before reaching iLvl 340.

Loot Available from Chaos Dungeons

To see any of the levels of Chaos Dungeon loot, check out the Lost Ark Codex page for each that includes all possible rewards, along with individual pages for each item!

Chaos Dungeon Lost Ark Video