Lumerus Raid Guide – Lost Ark

In this Lost Ark Lumerus Guardian Raid Guide, we cover everything you should know about the boss encounter including how to find a group, boss fight strategy, and loot from Lumerus.

You can sign up for a Lumerus raid by opening the search for party screen and selecting Guardian Raids, as explained in the Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide.

Minimum Level for Lumerus Raid

As Lumnerus is the second Lost Ark Guardian Dungeon boss, you are now familiar with how these dungeons and raids work, and you should get to at least item level 340 or higher before starting this raid. Make sure you put together a party before heading in.

Make sure you are all set up with the gear you want to use, the potions and battle items you will bring, and the Tripod skills you are going to want to use within the raid before signing up!

Lumerus Boss Strategy

Lumerus is a 2-phase fight. The first phase occurs while he is above 50% health, and then the 2nd phase will begin once he is below 50% health. Overall, to avoid most of Lumerus’ attacks, you can position yourself behind him during the fight.

Phase 1 Lumerus Attacks


Lumerus will swipe in front of him with his claws. You can notice him raising his arm, try to dodge out to his side if you are in front of him when he does this.

Counter Measures: Avoid this by damaging him from behind if you are not being focused.

Double Swipe to Cone

Lumerus bears down then unleashes a back-hand double swipe. Immediately after, he will burst out a cone in front of him, providing AOE damage in a frontal cone.

Counter Measures: Again, try to position yourself behind him to avoid this. If you are in front and see him beginning to bear down, back off before the initial swipe and move to his side / behind him.


Lumerus will cock his head to the side, this is his tell to show you he is about to cast Earthquake. Then he pulses 3 white beams in all directions from him, except immediately behind him.

Counter Measures: Being immediately behind him, or very far away, is the only way to avoid damage.


Lumerus will leap to a player, land, and complete a frontal cone attack.

Counter Measures: If you are able to stay behind him or near his back, you should be able to avoid the leap and frontal cone.


Lumerus will perform a frontal cone attack from where he stands.

Counter Measures: You will see him briefly cock his neck make and look downwards slightly, seemingly charging the attack through his mouth, before releasing the frontal cone. When you see this movement, move out of the way from the frontal area.


Lumerus will raise the front half of his body in the air then smash down into the ground. Shortly after, small geysers all around the area will begin to pop out of the ground and explode.

Counter Measures: When you see him raise his body and prepare to smash the ground, stop any long-lead up attacks and prepare to run around to avoid the geysers. As they appear, it should be easier to avoid them if you are not attacking at the same time.


Lumerus will paw at the ground then charge forward and stagger a player.

Counter Measures: When you see his paw the ground, be ready to dodge the attack. The charge is actually a little slow and should be avoidable with a dodge, especially if you are already on alert for this most.

Phase 2 Lumerus Attacks

At 50% health, Lumerus will get these two attack added to his kit. Be aware as it can be tricky to know if he will perform his normal attacks or these tricky combos.

Phase 2 Swipe

Lumerus will attack with his Double Swipe into Cone, then immediately into a Geyser attack. He swipes two time, casts his frontal cone, then lifts geysers from the ground.

Counter Measures: Be on your toes in phase 2 as these chained attacks will be harder to dodge while also pumping that sweet, sweet damage.

Phase 2 Earthquake

Lumerus performs a Leap into an Earthquake attack. When you see him jump up into the air, be ready for the incoming earthquake.

Counter Measures: Standing immediately behind him will be your safe spot.

Lumerus Raid Loot Rewards

The following is the potential loot table for killing Lumerus in Lost Ark and finishing this Guardian Raid:

ItemImageStats / Description
Ephemeral Vanguard NecklaceiLvl: 340
Dexterity: +351
Vitality: +243
Intelligence: +351
Strength: +351
+2 Combat Stats
Ephemeral Watcher / Vanguard EarringsiLvl: 340
Dexterity: +273
Vitality: +174
Intelligence: +273
Strength: +273
+2 Combat Stats
Ephemeral Watcher / Vanguard RingiLvl: 340
Dexterity: +253
Vitality: +139
Intelligence: +253
Strength: +253
+2 Combat Stats
Destruction Stone FragmentSee DB Page
Guardian Stone FragmentSee DB Page
Harmony Leap Stoneharmony leap stoneSee DB Page
Rare Ability StoneSee DB Page
Lumerus CardGuardian Lumerus stays in the thick fog and tests adventurers who appear in front of it with a brilliant light.
Class Engraving Recipe (Uncommon or Rare)See DB Page
GalewindSkill Rune: Skill Casting Speed +5%