New World Mining Guide – Mining in 2023

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for mining in New World in the year 2023! Whether you’re a new player looking to get started or a returning player seeking to refine your mining skills and see what has changed, this guide has got you covered. We’ll go through the basics, equipment, leveling, and more to help you become a successful miner in Aeternum.

Key Takeaways

  1. Introduction to Mining
    • Mining is a backbone of trade skill professions.
    • Raw gems, ores, precious metals, and more.
    • The profitability of mining for serious coin.
  2. Getting Started with Mining Equipment
    • The importance of using the right mining pick.
    • Upgrade thresholds for mining picks.
    • Perks to look for on your mining pick.
    • Customizing your gear for optimal mining.
  3. Enhancing Your Mining Efficiency
    • Using bags with Prospectors Burden and Extra Pockets.
    • The significance of mining food and potions.
    • Utilizing mining trophies and buffs.
  4. Leveraging Mining Luck
    • Understanding the concept of mining luck.
    • Reaching the luck thresholds for rare materials.
    • Gear and strategies to maximize mining luck.
  5. Efficient Leveling Process
    • Leveling mining from 1 to 50: The iron journey.
    • Pushing to level 100: Incorporating Alchemy nodes.
    • Advancing to level 150: Introducing Star Metal.
    • Reaching level 200: Pursuing Orichalcum.
  6. Planning Your Mining Routes
    • Using online tools to optimize your mining routes.
    • Enhancing efficiency through planned routes.

Introduction to New World Mining in 2023

Mining serves as the backbone of many trade skill professions in New World. It involves gathering various resources such as raw gems, ores, precious metals, and stones. These materials are vital for crafting, trading, and progressing in the game. Mining presents an excellent opportunity to generate serious coin, making it a valuable trade skill for players of all levels.

Getting Started with Mining Equipment

Your mining journey begins with the right equipment, mainly the mining pick. Upgrading your pick at specific level thresholds significantly improves your mining experience. These tools have not changed much since the original launch of New World. Here’s a breakdown of the key milestones:

  • Flint Mining Pick: Basic tool, slow and inefficient.
  • Iron Mining Pick: Upgrade between levels 3 and 19.
  • Steel Mining Pick: Upgrade between levels 16 and 39.
  • Star Metal Mining Pick: Upgrade between levels 32 and 59.
  • Orichalcum Mining Pick: Final upgrade between levels 51 and 60.

Enhance your mining experience by selecting the right perks for your mining pick. Prioritize perks like Mining Yield, Mining Efficiency, and Mining Luck to optimize your gains. Crafting or obtaining custom mining armor and amulets with mining luck and strength attributes will boost your efficiency further.

Enhancing Your Mining Efficiency

To maximize your mining efficiency, consider the following aspects:

  • Bags: Equip bags with Prospectors Burden and Extra Pockets perks.
  • Mining Food: Carry roasted potatoes, herb roasted potatoes, and other options for increased mining luck.
  • Potions: Use proficiency boosters to increase your Gathering yield.
  • Trophies and Buffs: Acquire and activate mining trophies and musician skill buffs for improved results.

Leveraging Mining Luck

Mining luck plays a crucial role in your mining journey. It unlocks the potential to gather rare materials and gems. Achieve specific luck thresholds to increase your chances of acquiring valuable items. Ensure you have the right gear, buffs, and perks to maximize your mining luck for each tier of resources.

Efficient Leveling Process

Efficiently leveling your mining skill requires a strategic approach:

  1. Level 1-50: Focus on mining iron nodes for optimal experience gain.
  2. Level 50-100: Continue with iron nodes, and explore Alchemy nodes for a change of pace.
  3. Level 100-150: Introduce Star Metal nodes to your routine, but prioritize iron for faster leveling.
  4. Level 150-200: Consider Orichalcum nodes, but due to their contested nature, iron might remain a practical choice.

Planning Your Mining Routes

Optimize your mining routes using online tools that help you locate resources efficiently. Plan your routes based on available materials, contested areas, and your specific goals. These tools can aid in maximizing your time spent mining and ensure a smoother journey toward mastery.

Now that you’ve covered the basics of mining in New World in 2023, get out there and optimize your set up, and start farming!