All Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre Order Bonuses

With Pokemon Legends Arceus coming out January 28th, 2022, you will want to make sure you get your hands on the best Pokemon Legends Arceus Pre Order Bonus. There are a few bonuses every purchase will get, but also many others. Each store may have different bonuses, so see below for and pick the one you like the most!

In addition to the below preorders, if you purchase from the eShop before May 9th, 2022 you will also get a code for 30 Heavy Balls in the game. These balls cannot be thrown as far as pokeballs, but they have a much higher catch rate. These will be very valuable in the early stages of the game to make sure you catch that Pokemon you really want!

Every Preorder Gets:

Every preorder regardless of where you order from will receive both the Growlithe Kimono Set and the Baneful Fox Mask from the Pokemon Team.

Amazon Pokemon Arceus Pre Order Bonus

If you pre order Pokemon Legends Arceus at Amazon, you will receive an in-game skin for your character called Garchomp Kimono Set. You will receive an email with the code to redeem it once the game is released.

Gamestop Pokemon Legends Arceus Pre Order Bonus

If you pre order Pokemon Arceus at Gamestop, you will receive an Art Card Set for free. This will include a set of three art cards that feature art from the upcoming game.

Pokemon Center Pre Order Bonus for Pokemon Legends

Arguably the best pre order bonus comes from You can get an Arceus Plushie for preordering the new Pokemon game through them!

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