Pokemon Legends Multiplayer Co-Op

The big question on everyone’s minds prior to release is if Pokemon Legends Arceus has Co-op play or any other type of multiplayer. Let’s dive into what we know about this.

Knowing that Pokemon Legends Arceus is a very different type of Pokemon game, the first of its kind, it isn’t inherently obvious if multiplayer or coop exist. However, we can come to conclusions based on what we know and what Nintendo has release publicly.

Co-op in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Based on the official information Nintendo gives for the game, Arceus will be able to be played by up to two players. This may mean a full co-op multiplayer experience… however, they have not shown any footage of this as of the time of writing this article.

If there isn’t a full couch co-op implemented, it may mean that some minigames are playable together or some other kind of multiplayer activities.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Online Battles

Pokemon Legends Arceus has a whole new take on the Pokemon world. It is set long before the previous games and thus, Pokemon battles appear to be non existent at this time period. We have also seen that Nintendo took out competitive online battles with Pokemon Brilliant Diamon and Shining Pearl. With these two facts, it is unlikely that online battles will exist for Arceus.