PS5 Beta Update Introduces 8TB SSD Support and Exciting New Features

PS5 Beta Update Introduces 8TB SSD Support and Exciting New Features

Sony has rolled out a new PS5 system software beta, bringing a host of exciting updates and features to enhance the gaming experience. The latest update includes support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs, allowing players to expand their console’s storage up to a whopping 8TB. Additionally, the beta introduces new accessibility features, enhanced audio options, and UI improvements. In this article, we’ll explore the highlights of the PS5 beta update, as well as potential implications for the future of the console.

Support for 8TB SSDs

The standout feature of the PS5 beta update is the support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs, enabling players to upgrade their console’s storage to an impressive 8TB. With ballooning file sizes of games in recent years, this expansion is a welcome addition for avid gamers who require more space for their growing library of titles.

Accessibility and Audio Enhancements

The new PS5 beta brings accessibility options that cater to a wider range of players, making gaming more inclusive for all. Additionally, the update offers audio options that allow 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech to be experienced on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices, such as sound bars, TVs, or home theater systems. This feature enhances the immersive audio experience, making gaming more engaging and realistic.

UI Changes and Customization

The beta also introduces UI changes that streamline the gaming experience. Players now have more options to quickly find games and console tips, enhancing overall navigation. Moreover, the update offers new ways to connect with other players and customize multiplayer sessions, fostering a more interactive and personalized gaming environment.

The Price Hurdle for 8TB SSDs

While the support for 8TB SSDs is undoubtedly exciting, the potential hurdle lies in the high cost of these SSDs. Compatible 8TB SSDs currently available in the market are priced at enthusiast-level rates, reaching around $1,000 AUD. This steep price may deter many players from immediately upgrading their console’s storage.

Potential Implications for New PS5 Hardware

The expanded support for larger SSDs has led to speculation about potential new PS5 hardware. Rumors suggest that Sony may be gearing up to launch a redesigned version of the PS5 with a removable disc drive, as reported by Insider Gaming in 2022. Additionally, Microsoft’s court documents from the FTC versus Microsoft case mention a “PlayStation 5 Slim” slated for late 2023, raising further anticipation for potential new hardware developments.


The latest PS5 beta update brings an array of exciting features and enhancements to enrich the gaming experience for players. The support for 8TB SSDs opens up new possibilities for expanding console storage, accommodating the growing library of games. As players delve into the updated features, the anticipation for potential new PS5 hardware builds, promising even more exciting developments in the near future. Whether it’s optimizing audio, streamlining the UI, or preparing for future console enhancements, Sony continues to delight its gaming community with innovative updates and features. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as the PS5 ecosystem continues to evolve and thrive.

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