Scosglen Zone Guide – Diablo 4


Scosglen Description

Scosglen, one of the five regions in Diablo 4, is renowned for being the haven of druids. Along with Dry Steppes, Hawezar, Fractured Peaks, and Kehjistan, it offers a unique ambiance, diverse terrains, and themes that distinguish each region from the others.

  • Home to the Druids
  • Located in the northeast of Sanctuary
  • Main hub is located on the coast, inhabited by local fisherman
  • The mighty oak tree Glor–an–Fhaidha can be found here

Zone Lore

“The untamed lands of Scosglen are as verdant as they are deadly. Those who get lost in the woods seldom return, their screams muted by spine-chilling howls. The druids who dwell here will do anything to protect their way of life, including risking the loss of their humanity to unleash the beast within.”

Points of Interest

  • Caen Adar
  • Garan Brae
  • Garan Hold
  • Jagged Shoals
  • Loch Raeth Highlands
  • Corbach
  • Tur Dulra
  • Hope’s Light
  • Kealer Farm
  • Temple of the Firstborn
  • Wretched Delve


  • Arrin Corse
  • Chieftain Nora Corse

Scosglen Dungeons

  • Domhainne Tunnels
  • Corbach Crypts

Local Events

  • Ashava The Pestilent
  • Corrupted Shrine
  • Blood Clan Massacre
  • Tolling Bells


  • Beast
  • Ghoul
  • Quillrat
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Wood Wraith
  • Blood Clan Impaler
  • Blood Clan Marauder
  • Blood Clan Mauler
  • Blood Clan Shaman

Scosglen Bosses

  • Ashava The Pestilent
  • Merinth Of The Deep, Drowned Witch

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