Tekken 8 Roster Leak: New Characters Discovered in Closed Network Test

tekken 8 roster leak

Since the much-anticipated announcement of Tekken 8, fans have been eagerly awaiting details about the game’s roster and gameplay. With a closed network test held in July, Bandai Namco has started unveiling some exciting characters set to appear in Tekken 8.

Additionally, fans have been delving into game files using tools like Cheat Engine to uncover previously unannounced fighters. In this article, we’ll explore the latest revelations about Tekken 8’s roster and what players can expect from the upcoming title.

The Closed Network Test and Leak

The closed network test for Tekken 8 provided lucky PlayStation 5 players with a sneak peek into the game’s mechanics and features. However, an intriguing development occurred when someone extracted a partial roster using Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine, a tool allowing players to modify games through community-made scripts, revealed six previously unannounced characters: Alisa, Raven, Shaheen, Steve, Yoshimitsu, and Zafina. It is important to note that this is only a partial roster, and more characters are yet to be officially announced.

Familiar Faces and Absentees

Among the characters revealed through the leak, some familiar faces stand out. Yoshimitsu, the iconic sword-wielding warrior, has been a constant presence in every Tekken installment since the original game. Fans are thrilled to see his return in Tekken 8. However, the absence of beloved characters like Kuma, Panda, and Robert “Bob” Richards leaves fans speculating about their inclusion in the final roster.

The Mystery Surrounding Raven

One character that sparks curiosity among fans is Raven. While it’s likely a reference to the Blade-looking fighter introduced in Tekken 5, there are debates about whether this Raven is the same as Master Raven from Tekken 7. The two characters differ, with Master Raven replacing the version seen in Tekken 5. The revelation has left fans pondering which version of Raven will make the cut in Tekken 8.

Anna Williams’ Potential Inclusion

Nina Williams’ appearance in the official roster has led fans to speculate about her sister Anna’s presence. Rumors circulating on a Tekken Discord server suggest that Anna might be included in the final roster. If this holds true, it will undoubtedly delight fans who love the sibling rivalry dynamic.

Excitement for Tekken 8

Despite the incomplete roster leak, excitement for Tekken 8 remains high among players. The promise of crossplay, rollback netcode, and a new battle system has captured the attention of the community. With fan-favorite characters like Jin Kazama, King, and Marshall Law already confirmed, the anticipation for more character announcements continues to grow.


As Tekken 8’s roster gradually takes shape, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting each new character reveal. The leaked roster featuring familiar faces and potential surprises has sparked excitement among fans worldwide. With the promise of innovative gameplay features and the iconic Mishima-Kazama rivalry, Tekken 8 is poised to be a thrilling addition to the beloved Tekken franchise. Stay tuned for more updates and character announcements as we eagerly anticipate the game’s release.

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