Weekly Quests – Lost Ark Endgame

weekly quests lost ark endgame

Once you are level 50 in Lost Ark, you are going to want to do everything you can to increase your item level average and you may be interested in other aspects of the game as well. Along with Daily Quests such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, there are also Weekly Tasks in Lost Ark you can tackle as well.

The weeklies in this Lost Ark Weekly Checklist are activities that you can do only a limited amount of times per week, then you will have to wait for the next week for them to reset so you can tackle them again.

Guardian Challenge Mode – 1 per week available per boss, 3 bosses total. You can complete these per character but must be at least 460 iLvl.

Abyss Dungeons – 3 attempts per week, per dungeon. For the any dungeons that have both Normal and Hard modes, you can only complete one difficulty per week. Again, this is per character, so you can run this more times if you have alts. You need minimum 340 iLvl to enter Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark.

Challenge Abyss Dungeons – 1 attempt per week per dungeons. You must be at least iLvl 915 to access these dungeons. Every other week the dungeons that are available will cycle. Each new week has 2 new dungeons.

Abyss Raid – 1 attempt per week per Abyss Raid. If you have multiple characters, you can do this once per character as it is character locked. Minimum iLvl of 1370 to complete this challenge.

Legion Raid – 1 lockout per week, per character. Any sets you gain from this raid will not be able to be sold. You can get gold, accessories, ability stones, set crafting materials, chaos stones, and fusion leap stones. You must have iLvl 1415 or higher to go to the Legion Raid in Lost Ark.

Una’s Weekly Tasks – You can choose 3 weekly tasks from Una each week. You can add 1 more task to make it 4 if you unlock it through the cash shop. These availabilities are per character. You will get whatever rewards are given for each task, as well as EXP potions. We recommend you choose quests that reward Leap Stones or Fragments when doing these on your main character.

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Weekly Ghost Ship – Every day at specific times, you are able to go to the Ghost Ship. You can only receive loot from the Ghost Ship in Lost Ark once per week, and you must be character level 50. To make the most of this, first obtain the Ghost Ship boat and have a sailor on the ship that provides a major stat boost. Here you can get unbound Destruction Stones, Guardian Stones, the Ilyakhan Legendary Card, and heroic and legendary seal books, as well as bound training auxiliary materials.

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