Zelda TotK Database: Frozen Hearty Salmon

Frozen Hearty Salmon
Class: Food
Sub Class: Frozen
HP Restored: 1 Hearts
Effect: Chilly
This salmon doesn’t taste quite as fishy because the excess fat has been removed. It’s exceptionally cold, so eating it provides a temporary boost to heat resistance.

The [Frozen Hearty Salmon] is a Food item in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is a consumable Frozen item that restores 1 HP when used. It gives the Chilly effect when consumed, which Grants a specific level of heat resistance depending on the quality of the food.

How To Make Frozen Hearty Salmon in Tears of the Kingdom

In order to create Frozen Hearty Salmon players can combine any of the following items with ice. This can also be done by dropping the item in a very cold climate:

[Hearty Salmon]

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