Zelda TotK Database: Sneaky Elixir

Sneaky Elixir
Class: Food
Sub Class: Elixir
Effect: Sneaky
Grants a X-level stealth effect, which calms the nerves and silences footfalls. Allows you to move about undetected by monsters and animals.

The [Sneaky Elixir] is a Food item in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is a consumable Elixir item that gives the Sneaky effect when consumed, which Increases your ability to sneak.
Grants a low/mid/high-level stealth boost depending on the quality of the food. It can also restore HP when crafted with additional ingredients. Players can craft this item at a Cooking Pot.

How To Make Sneaky Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom

In order to create Sneaky Elixir players must combine atleast one of the following critters with at least one monster part at a Cooking Pot. Each monster part can add a different amount of time to the duration of the elixir (see the Monster Part Table). You can also mix in any of the ingredients from the table listed Ingredients to extend duration and also make the elixir restore hearts as well.

Sneaky Critters
Item Duration
[Sunset Firefly] 2 minutes
Sneaky Ingredients
Item Duration
[Blue Nightshade] 2 minutes
[Silent Princess] 2 minutes
[Silent Shroom] 2 minutes
[Sneaky River Snail] 2 minutes
[Stealthfin Trout] 2 minutes

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