Zelda TotK Database: Sneaky River Snail

Sneaky River Snail
Class: Material
Sub Class: Seafood
HP Restored: 1 Hearts
HP Cooked: 2 Hearts
Effect: Sneaky
Selling Price: 6
This large, glow-in-the-dark snail lives in fresh water. When cooked into a dish, it heightens your senses so you can move about silently.

What Sneaky River Snail Is Used For in Tears of the Kingdom

Sneaky River Snail is a Material in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Specifically, it is classified as a Seafood.

The Sneaky River Snail was included in the Breath of the Wild version of the game. Most of its attributes are the same and therefore you may find similar uses as BotW.

It is mainly used in cooking, and it can be used to give the meal a Sneaky effect when used in the recipe. It can be used to upgrade certain types armor when provided with other materials at the fairy fountain.

If you simply eat the Sneaky River Snail by itself without cooking, you will gain 1 hearts. If you cook it first, it will restore 2 hearts.

When you add any Sneaky River Snail to a meal when cooking, the resulting meal’s bonus effect will last 2 minutes longer.

Used In Recipes

The following recipes all use Sneaky River Snail as an ingredient. To see the full recipe with all the necessary ingredients, click on the recipe name or icon to be brought to the recipe page. Any recipes listed that existed in Breath of the Wild should still be active in Tears of the Kingdom. As new recipes are discovered, they will be added to this list.

[Frozen River Snail]
[Sneaky River Escargot]
[Salt-Grilled Fish]
[Seafood Skewer]
[Monster Stew]

Used To Upgrade Armor

In Breath of the Wild, the following armor can be upgraded by using Sneaky River Snail as one of their ingredients. For full information on upgrade requirements and recipes, click on the item name or icon. We have not yet confirmed if these upgrades exist again in Tears of the Kingdom as many others do. This page will be updated as more information is known.

[Stealth Chest Guard]
[Stealth Mask]
[Stealth Tights]

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