Zelda TotK Database: Yellow Lizalfos Tail

Yellow Lizalfos Tail
Class: Material
Sub Class: Monster Part
Selling Price: 35
The severed tail of an Electric Lizalfos. Its powerful stench makes it unappetizing and unfit for cooking, but it’s highly valued as an ingredient for elixirs.

What Yellow Lizalfos Tail Is Used For in Tears of the Kingdom

Yellow Lizalfos Tail is a Material in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Specifically, it is classified as a Monster Part.

The Yellow Lizalfos Tail was included in the Breath of the Wild version of the game. Most of its attributes are the same and therefore you may find similar uses as BotW.

It can be used to upgrade certain types armor when provided with other materials at the fairy fountain.

When you add any Yellow Lizalfos Tail to a meal when cooking, the resulting meal’s bonus effect will last 3 minutes, 10 seconds longer.

The Yellow Lizalfos Tail can be turned in to trade for Yellow dye in order to dye clothes. We have not yet confirmed if this is still the case in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where To Get Yellow Lizalfos Tail In Zelda: TotK

The Yellow Lizalfos Tail item is most typically found by defeating Yellow Lizalfos anywhere in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Used To Upgrade Armor

In Breath of the Wild, the following armor can be upgraded by using Yellow Lizalfos Tail as one of their ingredients. For full information on upgrade requirements and recipes, click on the item name or icon. We have not yet confirmed if these upgrades exist again in Tears of the Kingdom as many others do. This page will be updated as more information is known.

[Rubber Armor]
[Rubber Helm]
[Rubber Tights]

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